Water Gardening

Water Gardening

If it is Water Gardening you love, visit our own Water Gardens where you'll find a fine selection of plants, fish and all the supplies you'll need to create your own water paradise! To complete your garden masterpiece, you'll love our variety of classic statuary, fountains and bird baths as well as decorative stones and edging.

The Pond Shop in Ledyard was started in 1990 selling a limited supply of pumps, filters and plants. Over time we have expanded to offer Laguna and Pondmaster mag-drive pumps and filters along with other brands of specialty items like waterfall filters, skimmer filters, nets, netting, water treatments and fish foods.

We also offer Goldfish and Koi fish. Our plants include an assortment of marginals as well as water lilies, hyacinth, lettuce, and hornwort. Mesh planting baskets and water plant soils will help acclimate your new plants. Centered around an attractive and inspiring pond with waterfall, are display tanks featuring external filtration, pre-formed liners and spitting statuary. Even underground "pondless" water vaults are demonstrated.

Make a visit to Holdridge's and talk to one of our water garden experts about starting a new pond or problems you're having with an existing setup. We try our best to answer your questions without the "hard sell". We learn as much from our customers as we do from suppliers and partners in the industry, so we welcome your comments.

Our Pond Shop is open 7 days a week and can support your needs even in the winter months.