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Our Lawn & Garden Department is brimming with bird feeding displays, lawn ornaments, garden tools, equipment and accessories, and soils.

Organic gardeners will find "earth friendly" alternatives to chemical pest controls as well as a complete line of Espoma® organic fertilizers and soil conditioners.

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Weber® Grills

Weber® Grills

Need a new grill or maybe just some repairs on the old one? Holdridge's is the authorized dealer/repair center for Weber® Grills in Southeastern CT.

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Seed Starting

Seed Starting

From seed trays and soils to lights, heat mats, and labels - we have everything you need for a successful & bountiful growing season.

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Lawn Care

Lawn Care

We have seed varieties for all types of lawns and pastures, including wildflower and seaside mixes. Find the right food for your lawn in our selection of organic, natural, and synthetic fertilizers.

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Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

Our Indoor Gardening department brings to you a fast growing hobby of growing your own fresh vegetables and herbs in your home year-round.

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Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

A collection of gardening guides, FAQs, and info sheets.

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Seed Starting


For best results use a lightweight, soilless growing medium for unrestricted root growth and drainage (not potting mix).

Peat pellets and pots help to reduce root shock and damage when transplanting to larger containers or into the ground.

Read the germination instructions on/in your seed packs for specific heat and light requirements.

Label your trays and pots right away when planting different types/varieties to prevent any mix-ups.

Get all the seeds, supplies, and advice you need to maximize your growing success here at Holdridge's.

Seed Varieties

  • Hart's Seeds
  • Family Owned
  • Vegetable, Herb, and Flower seeds
  • 1/2lb Corn, Pea, and Bean packs
  • Genetic Engineering Free (GE)
  • Botanical Interests
  • Genetically Modified Organism Free (GMO)
  • Over 300 Heirloom varieties
  • Hard-to-find seeds stocked
  • Order direct if you can't find it in our racks
  • Seed info printed inside all packs
  • Livingston Seed
  • Genetically Modified Organism Free (GMO)
  • Sow Easy® seeds are pre-germinated and covered in all natural diatomaceous earth for easy planting
  • Unique and rare varieties
  • New England Seed
  • Based in CT
  • Genetically Modified Organism Free (GMO)
  • Many Gourmet Italian Seeds

Lawn Care

Broadcast Spreader

We have seed varieties for all types of lawns. We offer a wide range of lawn fertilizers, and back it up with expert advice. We can give you a quote on any special request.

Most bags of seed and fertilizer are measured in square feet. You may use the calculator below if you need to convert from acres to square feet (or vice versa).

Grass Seed

Holdridge Quality Custom Blends

Holdridge Special Mix

  • Mostly for Sunny areas
  • Available in 3lb. (850 sqft) and 20lb. (6000 sqft) bags

Holdridge Custom Mix

  • Designed for use in Sun & Shade areas
  • Our #1 seller
  • Available in 3lb. (850 sqft), 20lb. (5000 sqft), and 50lb. (12000 sqft) bags

We also carry Scotts, Greenview, and Green Thumb grass seed varieties.

Special Blends

Under Tree Mix

  • 2500 sqft. for those hard to grow areas under trees or where heavily shaded
  • Must be planted in early Spring, before the trees fill in with leaves
  • Must have good top soil

Seaside Mix

  • Specially formulated for areas along the coast
  • It can even survive under water for a short time during high tide
  • Available in 3lb. (750 sqft) and 10lb. (2500 sqft) bags

Pasture Mix

  • The 10lb. bag covers 10000 sqft.
  • For pastures or meadows
  • Safe for animals to graze on

There are Zinnia, Daisy, and Connecticut Wildflower mixes. Some blends are designed to attract honey bees, butterflies, and others will bring a variety of birds. We also have a 5oz. bag of clover seed that will cover 500 sqft.

In the fall we carry Winter Rye as a cover crop and rich nitrogen source for the garden.

Helpful Tips

You should be planting your grass in at least 3" of good top soil which we sell by the bag or cubic yard (picked up or delivered) if your soil is too shallow.

The pH of your soil is also very important. We offer a soil testing service, or you can buy a simple kit if you wish to do the test yourself.

Starter fertilizer is very important and will help you improve your rate of successful germination. The high Phosphate level helps your roots grow deep.

Watering is a must. Put an empty cat food or tuna can 10 feet from your sprinkler and see how long it takes the can to fill with an inch of water. Repeat watering for this duration every 2-3 days (more frequently when very hot). Early mornings are the best time to water.

To grow grass successfully, you need a minimum of 4 hours of sun for Dense Shade mixes. Sun & Shade mixes will need 6-10 hours of sun. If you get 10-15 hours of sun, you will want a Sunny mix.

Tall Turf Type Fescues grow a deeper root system to be able to survive a drought longer. You need lots of water to start.

If you are over seeding, use half the rate when applying. If your lawn is 10000 sqft. and is already covered in grass, a 5000 sqft. bag will do the whole area.


Organic/Natural Fertilizers

Espoma Company: Organic 4-Step Program

  • Includes Spring, Summer, All Season, and Fall fertilizer.
  • Sold as a set or available individually.
  • Coverage is 5,000 sqft.
  • Safe for pets & children

Espoma Company: Lawn Food (Natural but not 100% Organic)

  • Can be used at any time during the growing season.
  • Rapid greening plus long term feeding.
  • Covers 10,000 sqft.
  • Safe for pets &l children

Espoma Company: Weed Preventer/Fertilizer

  • Made from all natural Corn Gluten
  • Covers 1,250 sqft.
  • Safe for pets & children
  • Needs to be applied BEFORE weeds begin to germinate
  • Granulated for easy application
  • CANNOT grow grass seed with this product
  • Apply monthly for best results

Natural Alternative® Lawn Fertilizer

  • Reduce the use of chemicals in your lawn
  • All phosphorus free to help reduce water pollution
  • Each step is specifically formulated for the seasonal needs of your lawn:

    Step 1: Apply in early April in most areas.

    • Contains Protilizer® beneficial soil microorganisms to restore soil health and remediate soil to a healthy condition.
    • Fortified with iron for a quick spring green-up without the growth spurts.
    • Grass that grows at a "normal" rate is less prone to disease and insect attacks.
    • One box covers 6,000 sqft.

    Step 2: Apply in mid-May

    • Contains Protilizer® beneficial soil microorganisms to restore soil health and remediate soil to a healthy condition.
    • As moisture from Spring showers and morning dew becomes available, the product will activate to prevent burning.
    • One box covers 6,000 sqft.

    Step 3: Apply in late June/early July

    • Designed to be applied when the lawn is under the most stress from heat, drought and foot traffic.
    • This 7-0-2 step is comprised of corn gluten.
    • One box covers 6,000 sqft.

    Step 4: Apply in early September in most areas.

    • Contains Protilizer® beneficial soil microorganisms to restore soil health and remediate soil to a healthy condition.
    • Fall fertilizer helps create thick, healthy grass leaving weeds nowhere to germinate in your lawn.
    • A healthy lawn will require less chemical weed control.
    • One box covers 6,000 sqft.

    Step 5: Apply in late October

    • Prepares roots for Winter
    • Contains Protilizer® beneficial soil microorganisms to restore soil health and remediate soil to a healthy condition.
    • A Winter application will give your lawn a head-start the following Spring.
    • The additional carbohydrates in this step protect your lawn from potential damage during Winter.
    • One box covers 6,000 sqft.

Square Footage Calculator


Indoor Gardening


[ Tomato plant pictured ]

Here we are using Grodan "grow cubes" surrounding an "A-OK" starter plug. The tomato plant was started from seed and transplanted into a 3" net pot. The "grow cubes" provide the necessary air pockets and provide moisture retention. Just add water with any of our Foxfarm or Hydrofarm liquid concentrated formulas.

No Soil Required

Get Started

We have available for you - a broad selection of lighting, grow tents, concentrated fertilizers, soiless grow media, grow pots and complete growing systems.

If we don't have what you are looking, we can order it!